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Project partner - National Research Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in St-Petersburg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpDk-aCZ-8U .

The idea of creating the Academy of Arts was expressed by Peter the Great at the end of the 17th century,   when Petersburg was still not there, and there was a swamp in the place of the current Academy. The proposal of the emperor was realized only in the second half of the XVIII century thanks to the proposal of Mikhail Lomonosov and Count Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov, a favorite of Elizaveta Petrovna, a famous philanthropist and educator.

Catherine II awarded the Academy the status of the Imperial, and by her order began the construction of a building on Vasilyevsky Island in the historical center of city.

The building of the Academy of Fine Arts was made in the style of classicism.

Currently, there is a Repin University  and a Museum at the Academy of Fine Arts. Future painters, sculptors, architects study at the modern University.

The Museum is replenished with collections of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by the best domestic and European masters. In addition, the Museum has several branches in St. Petersburg and in the suburbs: the Museum- apartment of Joseph Brodsky, the Estate of the artist Illya Repin «Penaty»  and other. Also, other galleries will be waiting for volunteers in St. Petersburg.

Work. Volunteers will work directly in the museum in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts in the center of St. Petersburg, and in the branches of the museum. Volunteers will help to mount the exhibition, work as consultants for museum visitors.  1 day volunteers will assist in the improvement of the park in the branch of the museum in the estate of the artist Illya Repin in the Repino, suburb of St-Petersburg in  50 km from St. Petersburg on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

ACCOMMODATION: The host organization provides a basic condition accommodation and food in St-Petersburg .

Volunteers will be accommodated at the special room for volunteers in the historical center of St-Petersburg, that is fully equipped for living. There are shower, kitchen, rooms with sleeping places.  Food will be provided but meals will be cooked by volunteers on their own.  A small kitchen is available for daily cooking, so participants can organize cooking schedule and take turns.

LEISURE TIME: The historic center of St. Petersburg is included in UNESCO World Heritage http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/540  “Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups  Monuments"

St-Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia http://www.saint-petersburg.com/attractions/

so as the weekend will be spent in St-Petersburg downtown volunteers will have an opportunity to visit numerous museums, theatres, galleries and exhibitions, country residences of Emperors, Grand Princes and grandees: Peterhof www.peterhofmuseum.ru, Lomonosov www.oranienbaum.org, Tsarskoye Selo www.tzar.ru, Pavlovsk www.pavlovskmuseum.ru, Gatchina www.museum.ru/W1335. Besides, at this time of the year the city hosts a variety of New Year festivals, concerts and folk events.

All the excursions should be paid by the volunteers themselves.

 LOCATION: St. Petersburg/Leningrad region. TERMINAL: Pulkovo International Airport is located about 17 km from the St.Petersburg center.

 SPECIAL REMARKS.  Volunteers should bring working clothes, gloves and sleeping bags. Besides, it would be great to take something special from their countries (photos, food or small flags and souvenirs) for international party in the workcamp and demonstrate them as special features of home country. The museums fees and local transport expenses aren't going to be covered, volunteers will have to pay on their own. However, due to the euro-ruble currency this year the journey will be rather cheap.

General information about NGO "MIR TESEN"


Mir Tesen (It's a Small World)

  Info about the Organisation — general and brief. Saint-Petersburg social organization of volunteer programs   «MIR TESEN» («IT’S a SMALL WORLD») was established in 1999.

“Mir tesen”-  is the associated member of Coordinating Committee  for International Voluntary Service  (CCIVS)/UNESCO  http://www.ccivs.org/  since 2012, NGO  has successful experience in organizing WH camps during CCIVS/UNESCO some campaigns. 

 Our objectives

-  to develop  mutual understanding and solidarity between people,

-   to promote   tolerance and intercultural dialogue between young people all over the world;

-   to encourage youth to find their own value in the world and to introduce Russian cultural Heritage in the world;

-   Preservation of the cultural sites, which are the incomparable achievements of Russian art, and a key site to understand the mentality of the people of the epochs when the monuments were built;

-   to raise awareness among the local population regarding world heritage and the importance their participation to preserving this site.

Our activities

-short terms  volunteers work camps: sending and hosting;

-short terms volunteers work camps for Russian speaking volunteers, living in EU.




5 line V.O., 4 liter A, 199034, St-Petersburg, 199034, RUSSIA,



 Happy New Year 2019!