Mir tesen Introduction -2016

 Info about the Organisation — general and brief. Saint-Petersburg social organization of cultural, educational and exchange programs for youth   «MIR TESEN» («IT’S a SMALL WORLD») was established in 1999. Supported by Committee of youth policy and relations with NGOs of Government of St Petersburg since in the some years since 2003.

“Mir tesen”- the Partner of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations since 2004.

The host organization NGO “Mir tesen” is the associated member of Coordinating Committee  for International Voluntary Service  (CCIVS)/UNESCO  http://www.ccivs.org/  since 2013, NGO  has successful experience in organizing WH camps during CCIVS/UNESCO campaigns in 2014, 2013, 2012:

  • World Heritage Volunteering (WHV) 2014 Campaign action for Sustainability http://www.whvolunteers.org/2014docs/List%20of%20projects.pdf;
  • World Heritage Volunteering (WHV) 2013 Campaign http://whvolunteers.org/whv04_2013_e.html;
  • World Heritage Volunteering (WHV) 2013 Campaign  40-th  Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention http://whvolunteers.org/whv04_2012_e.html .

 Our objectives

-  to develop  mutual understanding and solidarity between people,

-   to promote   tolerance and intercultural dialogue between young people all over the world;

-   to encourage youth to find their own value in the world and to introduce Russian cultural Heritage in the world;

-   Preservation of the cultural sites, which are the incomparable achievements of Russian art, and a key site to understand the mentality of the people of the epochs when the monuments were built;

-   to raise awareness among the local population regarding world heritage and the importance their participation to preserving this site.

Our activities

-short terms  volunteers work camps: sending and hosting;

-short terms volunteers work camps for Russian speaking volunteers, living in EU.


Link VIDEO  UNESCO Mir tesen WHV MT05/14

WHV2016-Historic Centre of St. Petersburg_Mir Tesen(Russia)


Booklet Mir tesen workcamps 2016


MT02/16 “150th anniversary of Dostoevsky’s novel” Dates: 06.06 — 17.06

MT03/16 “ Country Estates” Dates: 04.07 — 15.07

MT04/16 “Russian Country Estates” Dates: 04.07 — 15.07

WHV - MT/16  “Country Estates in St. Petersburg– it’s the World Heritage sites” Dates: 18.07 — 29.07

MT05/16 “The Royal hunting near St. Petersburg” Dates: 18.07 — 29.07

MT06/16 “The spirit of Country Estates and Monasteries” Dates: 01.08 — 12.08

MT07/16 “The spirit of Russian Country Estates and Monasteries” Dates: 01.08 — 12.08

MT08/16 “The Apple Spas and traditions” Dates: 15.08 — 26.08

MT09/16 “The Apple Spas and  Russian traditions” Dates: 15.08 — 26.08

MT10/16 “1Learning Dostoevsky’s language” Dates: 29.08 — 09.09


NGO «Mir Tesen»:

5-line Vasilyevsky Island, 4, St-Petersburg, 199034, Russia



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